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Sandisk 2GB Micro SD Card

Item No: 1245
Package Size: Available capacities: 256MB 512MB 1G 2G 4G 8G 16G

Product Description

High Performance:

  • With file transfer speeds up to 10MB/sec read and 9MB/sec write, customers can use premium performance to transfer music, photos and video to and from the car

More Music:

  • With a SanDisk Mobile Premier Memory Card customers can experience the full potential of their MP3 player on their mobile phone, by downloading more songs than their internal memory would otherwise allow

More Photos:

  • With a SanDisk Mobile Memory Card customers can store more pictures on their mobile phone
  • Customers can easily transfer pictures from their mobile phone to their computer. Just like with a camera you can transfer a photo to the PC either with a cable or a memory card reader
  • Customers can print their pictures in retail store kiosks using their removable memory card

More Video:

  • With a SanDisk Mobile Memory Card customers can make their own mini movies and play back interactive content like news clips, sports clips and music videos

Operator offered Premium Content:

  • Mobile users can store additional premium music, videos, and ring tones offered by operators using the TrustedFlash platform on the Mobile Premier memory card. Without the Mobile Premier card only the internalmemory of the phone would be available for storage of over the air downloaded content.
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