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balance of the Segway

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What is the balance of the Segway. It is actually very simple, is to rely on a self-balancing electric drive, urban transportation electric vehicles. Is an avant-garde, fashion, trends, pull the wind, pull hatred epoch-making product, market prospects were bright, the future of individuals, can be everywhere in the wind, hovering as if stepping on Hot Wheels, school, travel, commuting all can travel.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Self-balance electric unicycle instruction

About self-balance electric unicycle:

Self-balance electric unicycle is a new type of high-tech transport

It makes self-balancing of the direction front and back according to the principle of spacecraft attitude control, blur algorithm and gyroscope system

Users can go forward, speed up, slow down and brake with everybody slightly movement (forward or backward)

Balance between right and left is similar to bicycle and works through every body movement

Feature of self-electric balance unicycle is environmental and conveniently portable. Such as you can take them during taking the subway or on a bus

It is a good helper for transportation such as going to school, office or go shopping


Base function component (see image)

Power switch

Power indicator

Charging plug

Pedal (foldable)


Please keep the warranty card and purchase invoice as the after-sales credentials For artificial damage and failure of electric self-balance unicycle after-sale service will be provided in accordance with the following provisions:

Except for battery and consumables the warranty of our unicycle is one year Warranty of battery is six months, wheels tires and tubes are consumables of which the warranty is one month Features:

This product is designed and produced strictly in accordance with the national standard GB4706.18

Good characteristics as following:

Super exceed the design concept of the similar products, good security, high reliability, good protecting

function, moisture-proof, dust-proof, shockproof

Charging performance is superior with full battery charge and high speed charging

Scientific ways of charging greatly extend he service life of the battery

High efficiency, energy saving

Product is in small size, light and easy to carry

Simple to use, the light color can accurately display the charging status

Steps of usage:

Charging interface and battery charging interface docking in place correctly, confirm the interaction of the interface during docking, and avoid damaging the structure of the interface caused by inappropriately inserting

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