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Bluetooth Self-pole-2

Item No: 3404
Package Size: 32.5-100cm

Product Description

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Handheld manufacturer:

1. 3 in 1 selfie kit, supports wideth between 5.5-8.5cm for moblie phone

2. Whether youre traveling, on the beach with a loved one, hiking in the mountains, rock climbing, on a cruise, or just around the house with the family.

3. Non-slip soft foam handle

4. Adjustable ball head and thumb screw locks for multiple angle shooting with 180 degrees position.

5. Works with all compact point and shoot digital cameras that has self-timer and tripod socket

6. Just set the timer, extend , and youre ready to shoot

7. Capture photos or video above the crowds or in hard to reach places

8. Unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle

9. High quality chip remote bluetooth shutter and aluminum monopod kit

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Handheld specifications:

You dont need to download anything,just connect it by bluetooth from your phone or tablet.

With this pocket-sized shutter, you can take pictures from 30 feet away

Built-in lithium battery,could be take photo 60000 pictures.after fulling charge

Strap hole design, easy for carry

IOS system just compatible above 5.0 versions

Suitable for iOS and for Android cellphone

Aluminum monopod+high quality chip remote bluetooth shutter

Wireless Bluetooth technology

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