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Original iphone4 4SGen full assembl LCD Display

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This is the LCD and touch screen digitizer assembly for Verizon and Sprint versions for the iPhone 4 4S. The assembly includes the LCD screen, touch screen glass digitizer, and mid frame. These are all pre attached and ready to install into your Verizon CDMA version phone . This is a perfect replacement for damaged touch screens, display issues with the LCD screen, and damaged mid frames. Replacing the touch screen will resolve issues with sensitivity, broken, shattered, and scratched digitizers. The replacement LCD screen will resolve problems like discoloration, dead pixels, and LCD bleeding within the display.


Brand new

Replacement LCD screen

Replacement touch screen glass digitizer

Replacement mid frame

This item often fixes the following problems:

LCD Monitor does not work

LCD is Cracked

Phone display does not turn on

Phone display is all white or black

Cracked Touch Screen

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