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Sony USM2GLX 2GB USB Flash Drive

Item No: 988
Package Size: Available capacities: 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G 16GB and 32GB

Product Description

The prism LED illuminates to indicate when it’s in use. This allows you to easily check the status of the data transfer so, you can use it with confidence.

* The LED indicator turns on only during the data access and remains off when there is no activity.

When a removable memory device (512 MB or more) supporting Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) is connected to a computer with Windows Vista installed, the Windows ReadyBoost function enables any specified amount of this external memory to be added as the system cache.
This means even without expansion of memory of the computer, the use of USB flash drive can stabilize system performance and improve program switching of active applications.
Micro Vault USM-LX supports Windows ReadyBoost.

The Virtual Expander*1 is originally designed for Micro Vault to automatically compress/decompress files moved to and from the device. It enables you to virtually store up to 3 times*2 as much data.


Micro Vault Virtual Expander is compatible with Windows Vista(32Bit), Windows XP(SP1 and higher) and Windows 2000(SP3 and higher).
Windows Vista(64Bit) is not supported.

*2 The average compression rate and time vary by type, number and size of files.
How to Use How to Use

It is easy -- the device is automatically recognized by most computers when you plug it into the USB port. Power will be supplied through USB port, so you do not need an AC adaptor.


Windows Me and Windows98/98SE are not supported.

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